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ZIP LTD keeps a wide range of printer and copier spare parts in its warehouse and constantly works on increase in assortment. Here are only some spares available from our warehouse:

  • Pick-up rollers
  • Trays
  • Feed rollers
  • Separation pads
  • Clutches
  • Registration rollers
  • Gears
  • Paper feed belts
  • Blades
  • Developing units
  • Developing cylinders
  • Print heads
  • Pressure rollers
  • Fixing films assy
  • Fusers assy
  • Thermistors
  • Heaters
  • Oil rollers
  • Exposure lamps
  • Transfer coronas
  • Flat cables
  • Boards
  • Maintenance kits

We have many other spare parts which are not listed here. If you want more details, see our Russian site.

If you have some appropriate goods to offer us and want to work in fruitful cooperation with us, we will be glad to consider you suggestion! We are also glad to hear your comments.

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